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Texas State Adds New Secondary Logo

The university unveiled a new logo to help with branding.

Today the marketing department at Texas State in conjunction with the Athletic department released a new word-face logo stating, “The TXST logo is a new way to represent the university boldly and proudly.”

Since the school changed their name from Southwest Texas State to Texas State back in 2003, university officials have been trying to swerve the school from being know as TSU - which Texas Southern’s acronym - and are officially known through media and television reference as TXST.

As for the logo itself, Texas State’s twitter page has stated that this logo is for secondary and branding purposes and not a replacement for the current “Supercat” logo.

The new logo does incorporate the same font as the name plate the school uses but just curves the TXST to pay homage to the former logos.

The current name plate design’s font.

The original SWT logo curvature is referenced in the new logo.

Bobcat fans across Twitter and other social media sites’ opinions have been varied with the majority giving the thumbs up and the overdue TXST recognition finally getting some push from the higher ups at Texas State. Personally I think the acronym as a secondary logo is a good thing and gives Texas State’s teams more of a personality and identity and pairs really well with the Supercat. Plus I think the logo will look sharp on merchandise.

No word yet on if the text will make it onto football uniforms but I’m sure merchandise will be coming out with the new logo as we approach opening day.