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New Mexico State has their own beer!

NMSU teamed up with Bosque Brewing to make something special

Thursday marked the first day that an Aggies fan could walk into Bosque Brewing Co.’s taproom on University Avenue and get a special beer in preparation for the 2017 football season.

Pistol Pete’s 1888 Ale debuted at 4:30 p.m. (MT). It is named after the mascot of the school (Pistol Pete) and the year the university was founded (1888).

According to Bosque Brewing, the new beer will “appeal to both the beer connoisseurs and craft beer novices. According to Gabe Jensen, managing director at Bosque Brewing, the taste of the beer is as follows:

The Pistol Pete 1888 will be available on tap at the Bosque Brewing Co.’s Las Cruces taphouse and at the home opener on September 16, while cans will be available statewide early next year!

New Mexico State is just the fifth school to license their own school themed beer.

What Really Makes This Project Cool...

This project is cool in and of itself but it’s made even cooler by the fact that NMSU designed both the can, with the maroon and silver 88 on one side and the lyrics of the fight song on the other.

To add even more awesomeness, the boxes were designed by New Mexico State officials too!

The best part about this whole thing (despite having a team themed beer)? Each purchase of the beer goes to help fund the athletics program in an attempt to make it financially independent.

This could not be a cooler project and such a smart way to get people excited about Aggie athletics!

The only downside to this story is that school up north just “had to” release their own beer today too. Too bad it’s not as good as the Pistol Pete’s 1888. Seriously, it looks disgusting (and check out their description too. They’re just trying too hard).