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Texas State Bulletin Board II

Texas State unveils new uniforms, fall scrimmage brings out the faithful and what is the new logo really for?

We are on the doorstep of the 2017 season and here are a few Texas State nuggets to keep you satisfied before kickoff.

Surprise! New Uniforms!

The Bobcat players were treated to new uniforms of white on white helmets with gold on gold jersey/pants. There were also two additional helmets of maroon with numbers on one side and the supercat on the other and a black helmet with a Texas topographical outline and the supercat on the opposite side. There has been no word on what combinations of uniforms will be worn on specific games.

Fall Scrimmage

The public got to see the team as a whole finally scrimmage this past Sunday at Bobcat Stadium. Amid the festivities among the fans Bobcat nation got a peak at the what’s to come. Stay tuned to Underdog Dynasty as previews of both the offense and defense will be coming soon from yours truly.

New Logo Theory
With the unveiling of the new white on gold on gold uniforms I got to thinking. What is the new logo really for? A couple of articles ago I mentioned in my reddit Q&A article I an idea of having a Southwest Texas State (Texas State’s previous name) night where the team would wear throwback uniforms that represent the past legends such as Mike Miller, Claude Mathis and Spergon Wynn. Well the new logo is supposedly a historic nod to the old SWT logo.

Nod as in curvature of text.

What if, on homecoming night for instance, this new logo will imitate the old SWT logo on the helmet that the Bobcats wore for most of the 80’s and late 90’s/early 2000’s? It’s a crazy theory but the school is trying to brand the school as TXST as opposed to TSU or some other acronym they don’t want to associate with. There has been some backlash to the logo but the Supercat logo was met with opposition when introduced in 2003 but now it’s an iconic logo that most recognize and associate with the school.
This Donor Is “IT”
Head coach Everett Withers recently tweeted out a photo of the donor wall at the stadium and revealed an interesting donor. Horror writer Stephen King?

The movie Dreamcatcher sucked.

I don’t think that’s the acclaimed author Stephan King (whose name appears in the middle column’s top spot) but it was just an interesting find.

Season Tickets
Fans and alumni have been receiving their tickets for this season’s games so keep a lookout in your mailboxes. I’ve got mine, you best get yours.
Tickets start as low as $80 for all six games or as low as $40 for a half-season subscription.

Also in case you missed it I make my podcast debut along side podcast veteran Adam Luckett on our Underdog Pawdcast talking about Texas State football. Subscribe on iTunes or whatever Android uses, give us a five-star rating and subscribe. It helps us climb the charts and promotes G5 football.