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WKU Unveils New Nike Uniforms

Here’s what the Tops will be wearing on the field in 2017.

Twitter - @WKUFootball

On Saturday afternoon, with a little help from DJ Khaled (obviously), the Western Kentucky football team unveiled their first series of uniforms from new their partnership with Nike. The school announced earlier this year the move to the swoosh after a 10 year partnership with Russell Athletic.

The reveal included three full uniform sets: a red jersey with white pants and a chrome helmet, a white jersey with black pants and a chrome helmet, and an all white kit complete with the classic white helmet.

Any time there’s a uniform reveal, you’re usually going to see a group who loves the new look and a group who hates the new look. This isn’t really the case with this set so far. Western fans haven’t really indicated a strong dislike of the new jerseys, but there’s not much high praise being thrown around either.

Overall, I’m personally okay with how they came out. The look is clean, but a bit overly simplistic compared to some of the designs Russell Athletic had towards the end of their partnership. I think the designs will get a little more adventurous once WKU has a successful year or so under their belt as a Nike school. I also think an all black outfit with the chrome helmet would have been interesting, but that’s just me.

What do you think, UDD readers? Love em? Hate em? Don’t care either way?

Let us know.