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Southern Miss Athletic Director Jon Gilbert runs wind sprints with the Golden Eagles football team

Is there a more dedicated athletic director in America?

NCAA Football: Texas-San Antonio at Southern Mississippi Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be real— not many of us really love our jobs. We might grow an appreciation for them. Some may truly enjoy walking through the front door every morning. But truly loving what you do? That’s increasingly rare in the modern era.

Southern Miss Athletic Director Jon Gilbert though? That’s a man that loves his job, loves his employer, and loves the student athletes in his programs. How do we know this? Look no further than this early morning Twitter post from USM strength and conditioning coach SaJason Finley.

Here we see Jon Gilbert absolutely going the extra mile by not only waking up early enough to support USM football during their early morning conditioning test to start off the Golden Eagles’ fall camp but actually breaking out the gym wear to dive into the conditioning test himself.

While Gilbert just started the job this January, it’s clear he’s already all-in with the Golden Eagles. Such selfless commitment to his role will certainly go miles towards building a winning program culture that trickles from the top down to the student athletes.

We certainly commend Gilbert on his willingness to devote himself to his role as an athletic director as well as his commitment to leading his student athletes to success. It looks like following Gilbert’s tenure in Hattiesburg will be a blast to say the least.