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Who would you like to see your team play...forever?

Would you want to bring back an old rival or take on the P5 school in the state?

Miami v Florida Atlantic Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Rivalries used to be forever. But with college football realignment the games we remember seeing when we were a kid are no longer there, from the Border War (Missouri-Kansas) to Pitt-West Virginia.

But for a lot of G5 schools their rivalries didn’t die because of greed and money (okay some did). Some of the rivalries we wish to see often are no longer played because one school believes they have a lot more to lose than gain.

Even if true in some cases, that sucks. Why can’t you just decide to pound that school for eternity and make them wish they never asked for a game in the first place? So I ask you, whether you wish to play the P5 school that’s ducked you since your program’s inception, or a rivalry that’s been ended due to conference realignment, who would you wish your team played forever?

The only rule is that the team can’t currently be in your conference.

As an FAU fan, I’d love love to see the Owls play the Miami Hurricanes every year. I went to the 2013 game that opened the season and despite the blowout, the game was really fun to attend. Miami’s tailgate scene - yes, Miami fans actually tailgate - was really cool. The fan bases were pretty cordial for the most part as a majority FAU fans grew up pulling for the Canes.

Now the 2016 game was something else. FAU Stadium was close to a sellout in large part due to Miami fans and the atmosphere was awesome because of it. The tailgate was insane (definitely the best FAU tailgate I’ve been to) and the Owls showed a much better effort.

While I’d expect for Miami to win a majority of the games should a series like this ever come to fruition, I feel like the atmosphere would be too much fun to not want to be apart of. I feel really grateful that I was able to go to both games as a student. Besides, Howard Schnellenberger’s ties to both schools should make this game more common than not to begin with.

Other than the Miami game, I’d love it if the South Florida twins in Conference USA and the Central Florida twins in the American played each other on a yearly basis and rotated a home-and-home series every year. FAU will play UCF in 2018 and 2019, and will play USF in 2020. While I would assume a friendly rivalry would emerge with The U, I don’t think that’d be the case if Florida’s G5 schools went at it every year as there’s already a feeling of animosity and superiority between the four schools. In a perfect world, I’d pretty much love it if FAU played at least two of Florida’s FBS schools every year.

Which school would you like your favorite team to play till the end of time in your perfect world?