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Why Eric Dickerson should be in the College Football Hall of Fame

Why are we still worried about a scandal from 30 years old?

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Eric Dickerson is one of the best running backs to step onto a football field. Whether it’s college or in the pros, there’s no denying he is easily a top 10 choice. This year the candidates for the 2018 College Football Hall of Fame were announced and Eric Dickerson is included on the ballot for the 25th time. It’s time for the voters to finally welcome one of the sport’s finest players to its revered Hall of Fame.

Who cares about a scandal?

We all know about the Death Penalty. SMU had their football program killed off because some players accepted extra benefits that they weren’t allowed to, according to NCAA rules. Dickerson’s own recruitment to SMU came under heavy scrutiny. As much money as college football generates now, and even back then, I was never a fan of the rule, but it will likely cause Dickerson to lose some votes yet again this year.

The numbers don’t lie.

While he didn’t get his career off to a hot start as a freshman (115 carries, 447 yards, six TDs), Dickerson gained a lot of momentum his sophomore year. Even with his partner in the Pony Express Craig James taking carries away from him, Dickerson still put up good numbers (188 carries, 928 yards, five TDs, 4.9 ypc).

His junior year is where Dickerson took off, as he ran the ball 255 times for 1,428 yards and an amazing 19 touchdowns. While Marcus Allen was clearly the front runner for the Heisman that year with his gaudy numbers, Dickerson being left off the ballot completely was a major snub.

As a senior Dickerson continued his dominance in the college football world. Finishing third in Heisman voting behind Herschel Walker and Dan Marino, he racked up 1,617 yards on the ground (compared to Walker’s 1,752 on 103 less carries). While Dickerson failed to capture a Heisman trophy he likely would have been a slam dunk for a Heisman winner in any other season.

There’s no denying his inclusion.

When you look at the numbers Dickerson put up his junior and senior years, there’s no reason outside of the scandal surrounding the program that Dickerson shouldn’t be named to the College Football Hall of Fame after the ballots are submitted. His dominance speaks for itself and his legacy will last regardless of whether or not he’s ever admitted to the Hall of Fame.