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Underdog Pawdcast Episode 1: If Conference USA and the Sun Belt realigned what would it look like?

We take a guess at who would go where if the two conferences realigned and why it needs to happen.

NCAA Football: R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl-Arkansas State vs Louisiana Tech Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason we’ve been flooded with stories about Conference USA and Sun Belt realignment. It’s not a stretch to say that both conferences have supplanted Big 12 expansion talk as the most hot button expansion topic right now. Honestly, it’s a bit weird to see both conferences get this much attention from the college football world, no matter how ridiculous the takes have been.

No matter the takes, everyone is right. The likelihood of both conferences surviving long term under this alignment are slim. Something must be done, and it doesn’t have to include the dreaded 24-team merger.

Topics covered include

  • How did we get to needing the two conferences to realign
  • Shifting teams due to geography
  • Why Louisiana Tech is the pivotal program in all this
  • The politics in Louisiana
  • The winners and losers of the new Sun Belt divisions