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Austin Rehkow and Tunei Lupeamanu Move on to NFL

Two former Vandals will continue their football careers in the NFL while another awaits his fate.

NCAA Football: Idaho at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Hopes were high for Austin Rehkow and Tunei Lupeamanu heading into the 2017 NFL Draft as both prospects were projected to be drafted on the final day. Unfortunately, neither prospect would end up hearing his name called but that didn’t stop them from signing onto NFL rosters as undrafted free agents.

Austin Rehkow

Idaho’s former punter and kicker was projected to be drafted in the 6th or 7th rounds of the NFL draft but ended up going undrafted. Fortunately for Rehkow, he was able to land an UDFA deal with the Buffalo Bills and will continue his football career in New York.

This is a great fit for Rehkow as the weather will be similar to what he had experienced in the Northwest. There will be some new challenges for Rehkow, however, as he will have to kick outdoors after kicking in the Kibbe Dome for the past four seasons. It will be interesting to see how Austin adapts to handle kicking in the wind and snow in Buffalo and we wish him all the best!

Tunei Lupeamanu

Much like Rehkow, Tunei Lupeamanu was also projected to be drafted in the last two rounds. That didn’t happen, but the Jaguars were quick to snach up the former Vandal Defensive Lineman, agreeing to terms with Tunei for an UDFA contract.

The Jaguars seem to always need help, and Lupeamanu can definitely provide them with some help! It will be interesting to see how Tunei transitions his game from turf to grass, as well as how he handles the heat. We wish Tunei all the best!

Deon Watson Jr.

Deon Watson Jr. was hoping to have a chance at playing in the NFL, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. It doesn’t look like Watson Jr. is giving up, however, which is a good sign. Per Watson Jr.’s Twitter account:

Good luck on your journey Deon! We have no doubt you will come back stronger!

Congratulations to all the Idaho athletes and good luck!