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2017 NFL Draft Profile: Gerald Everett, South Alabama

A talented tight end, Everett just needs an opportunity to showcase his talent

South Alabama v Mississippi State Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images
NCAA Football: South Alabama at Mississippi State
Everett’s athleticism could have him drafted in the first three rounds.
Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Gerald Everett- Tight End- South Alabama Jaguars

HEIGHT: 6’3”

WEIGHT: 239 pounds


HANDS: 8 ½”


40 YD DASH (NFL Combine): 4.62 seconds

BENCH PRESS (NFL Combine): 22 reps

VERTICAL (NFL Combine): 37.5”

BROAD JUMP (NFL Combine): 126”

3 CONE DRILL (NFL Combine): 6.99 seconds

20 YD SHUTTLE (NFL Combine): 4.33 seconds


STRENGTHS: Everett has all of the tools necessary to become a good tight end, but he just needs to get a chance to prove that. South Alabama’s offense was hot and cold, and it resulted in Everett being underutilized at times. On top of that, pass protection was inconsistent, resulting in Dallas Davis throwing the ball away instead of looking downfield. Everett, along with receiver Josh Magee, was Davis’ favorite target, but he didn’t always get an opportunity to run a route. When the lineman couldn’t protect Davis, Everett had to step in to help out. Everett can make almost any block, engaging with defenders and turning their shoulders to open lanes. He is a tremendous athlete when given the opportunity, and has shown the ability to haul in passes anywhere around his body. He also has a knack for making big plays (watch the game against Mississippi State). Listed as a tight end, Everett was used more as another receiver, and he has the speed to blow past linebackers. If given a jump ball with a defensive back, he can go up and win 50/50 balls with ease. He can get to top speed quickly and make defenders miss after the catch.

WEAKNESSES: While he can do everything as a tight end, the biggest concern surrounding Everett’s game is consistency. There are times where his routes lack purpose, which has more to do with Davis’ lack of time in the pocket. He tends to rely on his natural athleticism to make catches, when running better routes would take the pressure off. If he meets a defender on his route, he almost always gets knocked off the route and doesn’t do much to get back on track. Blocking can be inconsistent, as purpose comes into play once again. He has shown the ability to be physical and control a defender, but also sometimes throws his shoulder at defenders or tries a lazy cut block.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Everett has all of the tools to be a great tight end, he just needs an opportunity to prove that. His stats won’t do him justice, but he has the ability to make big plays. If given a chance to make plays, Everett has proven he has the talent to produce. His natural athleticism puts him in a great position to make plays, so a quarterback that can get him the ball will yield large dividends. The competition he will face in the future is far better than most teams he faced in college, so he will need to bring intensity every day.