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MTSU 2017 Outlook: Quarterbacks - Is this Brent Stockstill’s year?

After an injury-shortened 2016, expect big things from the MTSU quarterback.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Brent Stockstill will be the starting QB for the Blue Raiders on September 2nd when they host Vanderbilt, but don’t think he won’t come out with a chip on his shoulder. That being said, Stockstill isn’t the only one with something to prove this season at QB.

Returning contributors:

  • Brent Stockstill, redshirt junior (262-414, 3233 yards with 31 TD and seven INT)
  • John Urzua, redshirt sophomore (78-131, 816 yards with eight TD and eight INT)

Incoming recruits:

  • John Turner (three star, Smyrna High School)

What we know:

When talking about Brent Stockstill, I could talk about his stats for days, but I don’t think they tell the whole story. There are very few athletes who work harder than Stockstill. He didn’t earn the starting job because his dad is the coach, he earned it because of his relentless pursuit to get better and stronger.

On top of being an absolute beast, Stockstill is a leader and fights for his team. The respect is mutual, shown when he was voted a team captain by his teammates at the end of last season.

When his 2016 season was ended by a broken collarbone, he took it really hard and wanted to get back out on the field more than anything. Though he couldn’t, he still chose to help his team on the sideline, especially with back-up John Urzua.

John Urzua was called into action when Brent Stockstill went down with injury against UTSA, only having played in one game so far in the season. Unfortunately, he struggled that day and the following week at Marshall, throwing five interceptions but only two touchdowns across the two games.

It was in his second start against Charlotte where Urzua started to get comfortable in his new starting role. Urzua threw for 250 yards and four touchdowns that day and showed some real improvement before getting injured against FAU the following week.

Final thought:

Though Brent Stockstill will miss spring practice this year, don’t expect that to change his status as MTSU’s starting quarterback. He will still be active with the team and leading off the field like he is known for.

Expect Stockstill to come out with a vengeance next season, much like he did against Hawaii in the bowl game. He, along with the rest of the team and coaches, are hungry to win their first conference title in C-USA. I see him possibly becoming one of the most elite quarterbacks in the nation in 2017, as long as he can stay healthy.

As for Urzua, expect him to take full advantage of the increased reps he will get this spring and fight for a share of playing time this season, even if Stockstill stays healthy.

And if they both go down again this season, I expect we will all see more of this.

Position grade:

B+. There is no doubting Brent Stockstill has become one of the best quarterbacks in C-USA and he is just a step away from that next level of greatness. Urzua showed flashes of his potential last year and I don’t see him getting any worse.