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New Mexico State Football is Better Than Clemson

Through the logic of Transitive Victories, we can prove NMSU was better than the National Champions in 2016.

Discover Orange Bowl - West Virginia v Clemson
Dabo Swinney doesn’t like that his Tigers would get beat if they played the Aggies
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

In case you missed this article by SB Nation, which shows one Reddit user’s incredible 507 team college football transitive victory wheel, take a look.

Why, you ask?

Well, first of all, it is really cool. Even though it doesn’t actually prove anything (or hold any real argument) it does make the argument that the NMSU Aggies, (yes the team that finished 3-9 last year) is BETTER than the 2016 National Champion Clemson Tigers.

If you don’t believe me, or just don’t want to run through the actual wheel, here is a shortcut to a website that will prove it. If you aren’t an Aggies fan, you can still use it as evidence as to why your team was better than your rival last year.

Aggie News

Now to some real news Aggies fans.

It was just announced yesterday that Alabama and New Mexico State have agreed to play each other in 2019. The game will take place September 7, 2019 at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa. It is the first ever meeting between the two teams.

This is important for NMSU because it gives them another game to be played in 2019. They now have six games left to schedule for the 2018 season and seven for 2019.

In addition to the extra game, Alabama has agreed to pay the Aggies $1.7 million to travel to Tuscaloosa. This is a pretty nice payout for just one football game and will be a huge boost for the athletic department trying to keep an independent football team afloat.

The news shouldn’t worry Aggies fans though, because based on the evidence presented at the beginning of this article, NMSU should be able to take the money and a win back to Las Cruces.

Aggie Extras

According to, NMSU Defensive Tackles coach Kerry Locklin has left the team to take a position in the CFL.

Does that deal a big blow to the team? Not really. But it does put a damper on the hopes that the continuity of the defensive coaching staff would lead to some big improvements on that side of the ball this year.