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Lane Kiffin spotted at local South Florida nightclub

After a great National Signing Day, Joey Freshwater decided it was time to turn up.

NCAA Football: FAU Press Conference Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Many speculated that Lane Kiffin was going to go nuts in South Florida after spending multiple years in Alabama under Nick Saban. After his tell-all story in Sports Illustrated it was clear Kiffin was done being the offensive coordinator at Alabama and was ready to fully embrace being the head coach at FAU.

It’s only been a few months but Kiffin has throughly enjoyed being the head coach where football is played in paradise.

Last night Lane Kiffin, I mean Joey Freshwater was allegedly spotted at Club Boca.

Now I don’t think that’s Lane Kiffin I mean it’s kind of dark and...

Wait yep, that’s Freshwater.

First off the fact it took Joey this long to search out the local talent is a surprise. My first weekend at FAU was largely spent on the Delray strip and in Blue Martini. Some might be ridiculing him, but I’m offering a standing ovation.

Bravo Joey for your restraint.

After bringing in the best recruiting class in Conference USA I’d say Kiffin deserves a trip to the nightclub. When I got an A on an exam best believe that night you would find me getting into some shenanigans.

Now, the choice of club is a head scratcher. During my time at FAU Club Boca had never been the scene. It was either a house party, a mansion party, Blue Martini or (if you wanted leave Boca altogether) Las Olas Boulevard and Miami.

I’m going to assume that is still the case. Freshwater wanted to see what the city had to offer while keeping a low profile.

That’s the type of judgement I like to see as it bodes well for when Kiffin FAU decides to call a fake punt on fourth and five from his own 30-yard line.

Besides, if we were to live in Tuscaloosa for as long as Kiffin did I’m sure we would do the same.

Party on Kiffin!