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What would a G5 Super-conference look like?

Showcasing which teams would make the perfect G5 conference.

NCAA Football: Cotton Bowl-Wisconsin vs Western Michigan Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Disclaimer: This article is solely based on football, basketball and non-revenue sports were not put into the equation while I made this list.

Back when EA Sports used to make NCAA football games, the thought of “Super Conferences” were, in my opinion, what made the final version so great. Texas rumored to go to the Pac 12? I definitely had them in my dynasty, Oklahoma too! Notre Dame a full fledged member of the ACC? That happened in my dynasty as well.

Since the game hasn’t been out for a number of years it led me to think about what a G5 super conference would do to shake up the NCAA. Would a 16 team conference champion automatically get inclusion into a New Years 6 Bowl? Or would they be relegated to little brother status for all eternity?

Here’s the list of school’s I am including in my super-conference (in alphabetical order):

Air Force, Appalachian St, Arkansas St, Boise St, BYU, Central Florida, Central Michigan, FIU, Houston, Marshall, Navy, San Diego St, South Florida, Troy, Tulsa, Western Kentucky.

Here’s how my G5 super conference would look like, based solely on football dominance of each school, because the non revenue sports have to fall in line anyway.

East Division: Appalachian St, Arkansas St, Central Florida, FAU, Marshall, Navy, USF, Troy.

West Division: Air Force, Boise St, BYU, Central Michigan, Houston, San Diego St, Tulsa, Western Kentucky.

Right off the bat there are good match-ups within each Division. In the East AAC foes Navy and South Florida would clearly be the premier match-up every year, but don’t sleep on UCF vs FAU once Lane Kiffin gets a few recruiting seasons under their belt.

In the West I’d personally love to see Houston and Boise St square off each year, and the Hilltoppers go up against Tulsa (55-54 anyone?). With the way those teams schedule out of conference, there could be serious implications for a Power 5 team trying to get a NY6 Bowl Game.

How would the conference schedule work?

Obviously we wouldn’t be able to have every team play each year, but facing the 7 opponents in your division and 1 in the opposite division gives the conference a healthy 8 game slate. Alternating which opponent outside of the division you face each year would also be a great way to ensure each school gets the proper amount of national exposure.

Where would the title game be held?

I initially though that of having the team with the best conference record host the conference championship game would be the best bet, but to avoid any silly tie-breakers, the conference title game would be held at UCF’s stadium in Orlando, Florida, because everyone wants to go to Florida in the winter time.

So there you have it. Is it crazy? Hell yeah. Financially possible? That’s a toss up because some school’s just have more bank than others. Let me know what schools I should have included, or why you think having 3 Florida school’s is crazy (ABC people- Always be Crootin!).