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FAU 2017 Outlook: Tight Ends - Will they block or catch?

Tight ends were hardly used in the passing attack last year. Will that continue under Lane Kiffin?

Auburn v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

New FAU head coach Lane Kiffin signed the best recruiting class in Conference USA, bringing in a conference-high 17 three-star prospects. We will take a look at the new roster and do a position-by-position breakdown of what the roster looks like going into Spring camp.

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Returning contributors: Harrison Bryant (SO), 6 Catches for 73 yards with 0 touchdowns. John Raine (SO), 2 Catches for 38 yards with 0 touchdowns. Dustin Bowens (JR), 1 Catch for 27 yards with 0 touchdowns.

Incoming recruits: Logan Peterson (2 Star)

What we know: Not a whole lot. FAU used tight ends in the passing attack a little bit last year as Tyler Cameron was tied for the third highest targets with 33 but that’s really not a lot of targets.

Lane Kiffin barley used OJ Howard last year despite his ability to make big plays and Kendal Briles probably doesn’t even know what a tight end is.

Chances are FAU’s tight ends will continue to get under utilized as receivers during the Kiffin era. Harrison Bryant has great size at 6'5, 225 pounds and should be a great run blocker. Dustin Bowens is in that same mold at 6'4, 250.

I’d expect a few of the tight ends on the roster to switch positions when the first game of the season arrives.

Final thought: I’d really like to see Bowens or Bryant moved to the defense but not both. In short yardage situations the Owls could use a surefire blocker.

Position grade: C-. Just because the tight ends won’t be used often doesn’t mean the Owls are short on talent. Bowens and Bryant have excellent size and could be used extremely well in short yardage situations.