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NFL Draft 2017 Q&A: Idaho’s Glen Antoine

UDD goes one-on-one with one of the most intriguing nose tackle prospects in the upcoming draft.

Idaho v Washington
Glen Antoine chasing down a runner in Idaho’s non-conference contest against Washington.
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

We recently got the opportunity to sit down and have a one-on-one interview with upcoming draft prospect Glen Antoine. Antoine just got off helping Idaho to a nine win season and an upset win over Colorado State in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. In this interview we cover multiple topics, including Antoine’s career through JUCO and what he can bring to an NFL franchise.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl - Idaho v Colorado State
Antoine helped Paul Petrino and the Vandals bring home their third bowl victory in program history.
Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Adam Luckett: What was your JUCO route like? Why did you attend Navarro JC (TX) first and then switch to Highland CC (KS)?

Glen Antoine: I went to Navarro first and decided to switch to Highland due to my d-line coach leaving. I thought it would be a better decision to go over to Highland because the d-line coach there was a good guy. And it ended up turning out for the best.

AL: One year at Navarro and one year at Highland?

GA: Yes, sir.

AL: In the recruiting process, did you commit to Coach Petrino’s staff or the previous staff at Idaho? Who was your main recruiter?

GA: I committed to Coach Petrino’s staff. It was Coach Jason Shumaker (RB coach/Recruiting Coordinator/Special Teams Coordinator) and my position coach Kenny Holmes.

AL: What was the biggest selling point by the coaching staff to get you to Idaho?

GA: Coach Petrino did a really good job recruiting and came all the way to Texas to talk to my family. My parents really liked him a lot. Out of junior college, when I had a shoulder surgery, Coach Petrino just stayed down all the way. I just felt that the best decision for me was going to be to go over to Idaho.

AL: What was your shoulder injury?

GA: I had torn my labrum at Highland.

AL: What were the biggest areas improvement you made in your three year career at Idaho?

GA: My biggest improvement was mainly my technique. My (position) coach Kenny Holmes taught me a lot NFL techniques. Also being able to learn the game more from film study.

AL: Were you mainly used as a one technique in Idaho’s 4-3 scheme? What is your strongest position?

GA: Yes sir, they used a zero technique, a one technique, or an inside shade on the guard. I was better at the nose position no matter if it was a zero, a one, or a 2i. It’s pretty much all the same.

AL: Do you feel like you could play in both a 4-3 and 3-4 in the NFL?

GA: Yes, sir, most definitely.

AL: What are your biggest strengths as a player right now? What are your weaknesses?

GA: Being able to command a double team every play and free up my linebackers. Also being able to split a double team. I’m a better run stopper than pass rusher. I’m not as strong as a pass rusher as I should be.

AL: What was your best game at Idaho?

GA: The UNLV game (2016). I dominated the game from the start to the finish. Secondly, that was the turning point for our season as a team. It helped the team know we were a force to be reckoned with.

AL: How did it feel to be apart of the rebuild at Idaho?

GA: It felt really great. We never lost faith and was happy to be apart of. it We always believed we were going to make it to a bowl game. We trusted in the process and it happened.

AL: What are your measurements?

GA: I’m little bit over 6’1” and 329 (lbs.).

AL: What are some teams that have reached out to you?

GA: I’ve talked to the Rams, Chiefs, Raiders. The Jets gave me some paperwork to fill out. During the season, the Bengals and Browns would come up (to Idaho) a lot for me and talk to my coaches.

AL: Any plans for a Pro Day? Goals at Pro Day?

GA: My Pro Day is on March 9th (at Idaho). I’m hoping to get close to 40 reps on bench press (225 lbs.). For the forty, 5.1 or 5.2 and a 30-inch vertical.