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Around the Dog Park: Louisiana Monroe helps rival Lafayette in name controversy

UConn might be going back to the Big East and Army-Navy game could be receiving a new home.

Louisiana Monroe v Oklahoma

Around the Dog Park is our daily round up of G5 football news around the internet. Feel free to submit any news we may have missed in the comments section.


Then again maybe not. I’m sure there will be a lot more news on this in the coming months.


Conference USA

Sun Belt

Among other things, a 4-0 record in one-possession games is hard to replicate, especially with Rehkow and the rare offensive big-play guys gone. But even if you think of Idaho as more of a seven-win team in 2016, that bar might also be hard to clear with this schedule.

S&P+ is a little bearish on Idaho because the Vandals don't stand out well in recent recruiting (deep into the 120s) or returning production (a below-average 50 percent) and because 2016 was a single successful season. And with a conservative projection, S&P+ basically sees one likely win, four likely losses, and seven games that range between 36 and 59 percent win probability.