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Around the Dog Park: Getting ready for the new National Signing Day

FAU and Lane Kiffin extend their contract..

Federal Unemployment Report For January Due Out February 6 Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

General G5 football

  • SMU and Louisiana Tech have agreed to a home-and-home scheduling agreement. This is an awesome match up that pairs two solid programs within easy driving distance of each other.
  • This news shouldn’t come as a surprise as the two schools are preparing to face off in the Frisco Bowl. Here’s our game preview.
  • This story focuses on Ohio State but I thought it was an interesting read on how NCAA bylaws can affect recruiting efforts when things go awry during campus visits.
  • Here’s a deep dive on one of my favorite parts of national signing day: #HatScience.



  • UTSA’s season certainly didn’t pan out how most pundits expected it to. Answers are hard to find.
  • Lane Kiffin has agreed to a 10 year contract extension with FAU. Even if Kiffin does end up bolting for a Power Five job, FAU will receive a huge financial windfall. We’re waiting on contract details right now.

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