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Ragin’ Cajuns beat South Alabama 19-14 with a new starting quarterback

Freshman quarterback Levi Lewis led the Cajuns to a 19-14 victory over the South Alabama Jaguars to improve to 3-2 in Sun Belt Conference play.

Brad Kemp/Louisiana Athletics

Let the era of Levi Lewis begin at Louisiana Lafayette. The freshman quarterback proved to be a serviceable dual-threat at the college level as he recorded 110 yards and 2 touchdowns in the air, while adding 129 yards on the ground. Perhaps it is time that the quarterback carousel halts for the Ragin’ Cajuns, but we won’t get too far ahead of ourselves after just one performance.

It seems that the ability to run with the quarterback was just what the Cajuns needed to give their offense a boost, and it will be interesting to see how they utilize Lewis’ talents moving forward. Even though Lewis was effective in this game, he was unable to move the Cajuns past 19 points, which will not be enough for victory in most contests in college football.

A majority of the points in this game were scored before halftime, as the score entered the break 19-7 in favor of the Ragin’ Cajuns. The Cajuns were content chewing clock rather than pushing their freshman quarterback into situations that would allow potential mistakes. Coming out with the win, you cannot blame the Cajuns for going to this strategy. Wins are wins.

For both teams, sustaining a drive was not an easy task on the day. Out of the 22 combined drives in the game, 14 ended either in a punt or a turnover. That is not a recipe for success, and it showed in the way the game flowed. This was the type of game flow that the Cajuns needed, however, as it allowed them to get settled rather than fall victim to the momentum of the game. Momentum swinging in the opposing team’s favor has been a main cause of most of the Cajuns’ losses on the year.

This game will not provide much momentum for either team moving forward. Despite the fact that the Cajuns got the win, they will need to summon a lot of strength to overcome Ole Miss on the road next week. The schedule does not let up for the rest of the season for either team, and they will need to continue to find inventive ways to win if they are to reach a bowl game for the second straight season.

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