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A t-shirt from BreakingT to commemorate memory of UCF winning the greatest War on I-4 ever

This year’s War on I-4 was one for the ages and should never be forgotten.

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The War on I-4 lived up to the hype this season as everyone got to see what great teams UCF and USF are. Fortunately, the team we root for was better as the Knights won the best college football game of the 2017 season.

To celebrate, BreakingT hooked us up with these awesome shirts to make sure we never forget that UCF kept USF from winning their first AAC East division title and their first ever conference title.

You can purchase The Greatest War on I-4 t-shirt here. They cost $25 for sizes small through XL, $26 for 2XL, and $27 for 3XL.