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Get Pumped Up to Help New Mexico State Make History Saturday

Everything you need to get PUMPED UP for the game (and bowl eligibility) Saturday!

Arkansas State v Georgia Southern
Get your pals together and go cheer on the Aggies at AMS! Let’s get to six wins!!!
Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

Pistol Pete Wants YOU

To be at Aggie Memorial Stadium THIS SATURDAY at 2:30 p.m. to watch the New Mexico State Aggies take on the South Alabama Jaguars with bowl eligibility on the line!

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard that this game is so important because it could help the Aggies get to a bowl and break the nation’s longest bowl drought at 57 years.

But there are so many other reasons to come and watch!

Reason #1

This is YOUR school, in YOUR city with a chance to do something that the entire NATIONAL college football landscape is watching and will be talking about all bowl season.

How cool would it be to be able to say you were at the game that clinched the historic moment when NMSU got to six wins and made it to a bowl? Seriously, by this rate, you’ll be able to tell your grandkids about the last time you saw the Aggies make a bowl game!

Reason #2

The MOST expensive ticket is $15. Seriously, the University itself had to buy tickets to meet the NCAA’s attendance standards and are literally giving them away.

Reason #3

This team is really good. To put it in perspective, the last time the Aggies won this many games was 13 years ago. When George W. Bush was president.

Don’t believe me? Check out what the defense did last week.

Reason #4

The whole community is lobbying for this team! Everyone wants to be there!

Reason #5

This team is unselfish.

Also, they have a lot of seniors on the team who have put a lot of work into improving and making this a solid team and something the city can be proud of. They deserve to have a big crowd for their last home game of their careers.

If none of that has convinced you...

Read this.

Reason #???

You can literally get a new shirt. Good with any wardrobe and perfect for any date night!

So Come To Aggie Memorial Stadium This Saturday AND