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Wild Speculation: North Texas bowl projections, ranked

Everyone’s got their own bowl projections. Here are some of the highest-profile ones, from sites that don’t exactly make their living from covering C-USA teams

NCAA Football: Army at North Texas Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Bowl Selection Sunday is still a few days away, and we’d like to think the result of the impending Conference USA title game has something to say about where UNT— indeed, all the C-USA teams— will end up.

That hasn’t stopped the so-called “experts” from speculating wildly. From our perspective, we’re just happy to see them back in a bowl, and competing for their first conference title since 2004. If you’re a North Texas fan, or just vaguely curious, here are the current bowl projections for North Texas, with one game left to play. Ranked, for your reading convenience.

10+9 - ESPN

North Texas vs Ohio, Bahamas Bowl

North Texas vs Army, Armed Forces Bowl

Last place on the list, as one of these has already been definitively disproven when the Bahamas Bowl officially invited Ohio and UAB. The other choice by their supposed “expert” would have North Texas playing Army for the fourth time in two seasons. No thank you.

8 - Sporting News

North Texas vs Kansas State, Heart of Dallas Bowl

Stop, Sporting News, what are you doing. Nobody wants to see this. In the projections we researched, this was the only time this prediction occurred. Don’t get us wrong, we’d be thrilled to see North Texas play a Power Five team, and while it’s an honor to be chosen for any bowl at all, this has gotta rank low on the available projections. This prediction doubles as the one from Yahoo Sports, which used the exact same article, because Yahoo is stupid and useless.

7 - College Football Talk

North Texas vs Troy, New Orleans Bowl

Another unique projection, on one hand it might be fun to return to the New Orleans Bowl from the other side, as a member of Conference USA, in what would be UNT’s first appearance in this bowl since 2004. On the other hand, this steals a spot from La Tech, and once upon a time this was more a fifth or sixth C-USA pick over the Sun Belt champ. New Orleans has arguably the single greatest atmosphere for a bowl game, but making the C-USA title game should put the Mean Green’s bowl game a little later in December, don’t you think?

6+5 - Bleacher Report and

North Texas vs Texas, Heart of Dallas Bowl

In the “extremely unlikely” category, this one made me shout unprintable words at the computer, but upon further reflection, it wouldn’t be terrible. North Texas is having a great season, UT isn’t, and this could present the Mean Green as serious contenders in the state of Texas, in front of a whole mess o’ burnt orange. Alternatively, I want no part of Tom Herman across the sideline, so it’s a push. It’s yet to be proven how well this North Texas team will travel, but seeing as how their most recent bowl was this very same one, it’d be nice to get out of the Metroplex and find out.

4 - SB Nation

North Texas vs Fresno State, New Mexico Bowl

Not a Power Five opponent, but after the year the Bulldogs have had, this would admittedly be a pretty great match-up. Jeff Tedford vs Seth Littrell? Marcus McMacyion (2,212 passing yard headed into the MW title game) vs Mason Fine (3,393 passing yards headed into C-USA title game)? A great match-up on paper, especially considering how much higher Fresno State would be ranked nationally if not for that inexplicable loss to UNLV back on Oct. 28. A match-up against a ranked team would be a great cap to a regular season, for the Green.

3 + 2 - CBS Sports and College Football News

North Texas vs San Diego State, New Mexico Bowl

Sorry, Fresno, but we want the Aztecs more. Where C-USA is still going through growing pains, settling in after that 2013 realignment, the Mountain West is settled in and the two big rock stars are Boise State, and this San Diego State team, division title or no. Has the nation as a whole heard of North Texas? Not yet. Have they heard of SDSU? You betcha. Bring ‘em on.

1 - Underdog Dynasty

North Texas vs Florida State, Independence Bowl

WHY NOT? It’s all chaos anyway and nobody knows anything. UNT wants a high-profile bowl opponent, and the Seminoles deserve punishment after re-adding ULM to their schedule late in the season, just to go bowling. Dirty pool, boys. Of all the options available, pre-title game, this has to be the best one. Disagree? Please send all angry tweets to definitely me, and tune in for the C-USA title game this weekend. Whatever the result, it’s a great time to be a North Texas fan, and any bowl game at all will be the best way to spend your vacation days this December.