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Underdog Pawdcast Episode 37: UCF Snubbed by College Football Playoff Committee

UCF is ranked too low at No. 18, plus we talk about the celebration penalty that cost Tulsa a touchdown.

College Football Playoff National Championship Media Day Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

We are back with another AAC edition of the pawdcast, and we recorded just hours after the announcement of the first College Football Playoff rankings. You only need to read the title to know our opinion of the initial rankings.

1:55 - College Football Playoff Committee Rankings

6:43 - Houston upsets USF

9:49 - Justin Hobbs’ costly penalty

15:00 - AAC Mailbag

26:45 - AAC Power Rankings Week 10

28:54 - Navy vs. Temple Preview

32:19 - Memphis vs. Tulsa Preview

35:34 - ECU vs. Houston Preview

40:27 - USF vs. UConn Preview

45:16 - Cincinnati vs. Tulane Preview

49:14 - UCF vs. SMU Preview