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Arkansas State comes out of the second half on fire; defeats Georgia Southern 43-25

Eagles fall to 0-4 with the loss

NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Indiana Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Despite looking improved in the first half, Georgia Southern proved its still got a long ways to go to be an actual, real football team as it fell to a visiting Arkansas State by 16 on Wednesday.

As much hoopla was made about this being Southern’s first home game in 2017, the Eagles didn’t look like it was giving them much of a boost, as the team came out flat and scored just 8 points after halftime.

Arkansas State however came out of the break like a team possessed, scoring 21 points over the third and fourth quarters to move the Eagles to 0-4 and 0-1 in conference play.

The first half appeared to be a breakthrough offensively for Southern, while the defense alternated being either horribly taken advantage of or opportunistic, forcing Red Wolves quarterback Justice Hansen to throw four picks in the contest.

Monteo Garrett looked as if he jumpstarted the Eagles’ offense with a 74 yard run where he was largely untouched from the handoff all the way to the end zone.

But a bunch of long touchdown passes surrendered left Southern in a 22-17 hole at the break, and the Eagles looked as if the team had taken a handful of Ambien at the halftime period.

By the time Red Wolves running back Warren Wand had rushed for a third-quarter touchdown, most of the Georgia Southern fans had filed out of the stadium with almost two quarters left to play. It’s hard to blame them, though. They’ve seen this song and dance before, and when the Eagles are down, they stay down.

Eagles’ quarterback Shai Werts had the most inconsistent offensive performance of the night for the team as well, mixing some good runs and passes with some of the most baffling decisions imaginable.

There’s no way that third-quarter interception was anything other than a throwing version of a punt.

The Eagles will have 9 days off before facing off with New Mexico State on Oct. 14, but at this point it doesn’t look as if it will matter. GS has not shown the ability to string together four full quarters of football, and for that, coach Tyson Summers should be shown the door.