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AAC Power Rankings Week 10

Two top teams appear headed for a rematch in the conference championship game.

NCAA Football: Houston at South Florida Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

USF had a chance to stay near the top, but lost a heartbreaking loss to Houston this weekend. That leaves the path for UCF-Memphis Part 2 wide open, and we can’t think of a better conference championship game matchup. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we are just approaching Week 10, so conference championships aren’t a reality. Not much changed this week other than spots two and three.

1. UCF (7-0, LW: #1)

Hey, we told you that UCF would win by a lot.

2. Memphis (7-1, LW: #3)

Riley Ferguson account for five touchdowns, including two on the ground, and the Tigers routed Tulane at home. The Tigers defense continues to show improvement as the season progresses, and their going to need it IF the aforementioned rematch takes place.

3. USF (7-1, LW: #2)

We’ve been saying it all year, and the slow starts eventually caught up to the Bulls. Luckily, they can still win the conference. All signs are pointing to a season finale winner-take-all game against UCF. The Bulls might have a little bit more trouble stopping the Knights than they did Houston in the second half.

4. Houston (5-3, LW: #4)

Major Applewhite said after the game that this can’t be the highlight of Houston’s season. He’s right. Even though winning the division might be out of the question, they can build some momentum and finishing 8-3 is a real possibility. Not bad for a guy that many didn’t want in the offseason. It’s not the season that Cougars fans may have wanted, but Applewhite is doing a great job weathering the storm that has been his first year as head coach.

5. SMU (6-2, LW: #5)

If every Mustangs player didn’t shake Justin Hobbs’ hand after the game, they should all write him a thank you letter.

6. Navy (5-2, LW: #6)

A 2016 AAC Championship Game rematch that doesn’t hold nearly the same value as it did last year awaits. All eyes will be on Zach Abey’s return after sustaining a concussion against UCF.

7. Tulane (3-5, LW: #7)

Tulane’s in a little bit of a rough patch right now, and we will see if Willie Fritz can turn this ship around. Losing to Memphis by 30 wasn’t great, but a bowl game still isn’t out of the question.

8. UConn (3-5, LW: #8)

A bad snap put the Huskies up 2-0 on Missouri, but was followed by a 45-3 Tigers run. Drew Lock threw for 377 yards and five touchdowns in three quarters of play. Will UConn win another game this year? Cincinnati appears to be their best remaining chance.

9. Cincinnati (2-6, LW: #9)

The Bearcats were off last week, but have an intriguing matchup against Tulane this week. We will get a chance to see which team can turn things around, and a Cincy loss eliminates them from a bowl.

10. Temple (3-5, LW: #10)

Who plays quarterback now that they’ve had extra time to practice? That might be the biggest question the Owls have to answer the rest of the year. Oh, and they need to find a way to stop the Navy triple option.

11. Tulsa (2-7, LW: #11)

Who’s the first team in the AAC to be eliminated from bowl contention? No, it’s not ECU or UConn. It’s Tulsa. It was bound to happen with the way the season was going, but not before those other two. Justin Hobbs’ will be kicking himself for a long time after his touchdown was called back for celebrating early.

12. ECU (2-6, LW: #12)

How bad is ECU this year? They’re still our last place team despite not being the first team eliminated from bowl contention. But don’t worry, that will happen soon enough.