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Three things we learned from the AAC in Week 9

We’re down to two, don’t get too cocky, and Frost’s exit might be interstate.

NCAA Football: Houston at South Florida Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

It’s down to Memphis and UCF.

USF’s loss to Houston gave UCF the drivers seat in the AAC East for now. Memphis continues to stay atop the West, and both appear to be headed for a rematch of their earlier regular season game. USF was tied with UCF for most of the season, and a few polls had the Bulls ranked higher than the Knights for some reason. We at Underdog Dynasty knew better, and Saturday’s loss confirmed our beliefs. Now, there’s still a chance that USF surpasses UCF, since the two will meet in the last week of the season, but it appears that the division is UCF’s to lose.

Celebrating early can be VERY costly.

Justin Hobbs had a season high 141 yards on just three catches, which would have been great except for a poor decision he made. With Tulsa up 28-21 against SMU on Friday, Hobbs broke free from two would-be tacklers and could have walked into the end zone. But he decided it was a good time to celebrate early at the 15 yard line.

Hobbs was flagged for a 15 yard penalty, giving the Golden Hurricane the ball at the SMU 27 instead of a touchdown. They would settle for a field goal. All of the blame can’t be put on Hobbs’ shoulders, but losing by four really makes it difficult no to. Tulsa got three points instead of seven on that drive, and they lost the game by four. I think you can do the math. Hobbs is still a good receiver, so one play won’t define his career, but he will be hearing about this one for a while.

Scott Frost may be leaving, but he might not travel too far.

With UCF’s success this season, Scott Frost has been a name brought up for multiple potential job openings. While the obvious choice has been Nebraska, the Huskers still have a coach, and an opening in Frost’s current state might be where he lands. Florida and Jim McElwain parted ways this weekend, and there are many who think that Frost could be the next Gators coach.

For a team that needs an infusion of offensive firepower, Frost could be the perfect candidate. He might have to fend off former Gator coaches like Charlie Strong and Dan Mullen if he decides he wants the job, but he would be a strong candidate when the time comes. For now, Frost is worrying about getting the Knights past SMU. The rumors surrounding his exit to Nebraska may have been plenty, but his potential exit to Florida might be even more difficult to ignore.