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Around the Dog Park: UTEP handicaps themselves by making Mike Price their interim coach

Mike Price is the head coach at UTEP again.. Georgia Southern AD is taking heat.. G5 athletics are hard..

Ohio State v Washington State Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

General G5 Football


  • Not many programs can afford the luxury of having a quarterback like Kyle Postma on the roster. He gives Houston a veteran presence and athletic signal caller off the bench, something that’s extremely rare in modern college football.
  • UCF has hands-down the most informative game notes in the country. Riveting stuff.
  • The Daily Stampede makes a strong argument for USF fans to sit back and just enjoy this winning streak for the Bulls while it lasts.
  • Navy and Air Force will meet this Saturday for the 50th time in program history.


  • In a truly baffling move, UTEP has elected to bring Mike Price back as the Miners’ head coach. It’s a very strange move that is sure to upset players in the locker room who were not recruited by or played for Price during his original tenure at UTEP.
  • Some members of our C-USA staff joined for a roundtable to discuss the UTEP job, its limitations, and how to move forward. No one mentioned it being a good idea to bring Mike Price back as head coach FWIW!
  • The SWC Roundup argues that the UTEP administration dropped the ball with the entire Kugler-to-Price transition. It’s really hard to disagree.
  • Not only does UTEP have a huge mess on their hands with their coaching situatioin, they also have no idea who will play quarterback against Western Kentucky.
  • North Texas wide receiver Jalen Guyton is quickly emerging as one of the top wide outs in the conference.
  • Our buddies at Red Cup Rebellion are openly petitioning for Ole Miss to hire Frank Wilson away from UTSA.
  • “There’s blood on everyone’s hands” following Southern Miss’ disappointing loss to UNT at home.

Sun Belt

  • No surprise that Troy leads our Sun Belt power rankings after taking down #25 LSU on the road.
  • In a Twitter interview, Georgia Southern Athletic Director Tom Kleinlein told GS fans that they should lower their expectations for the program which sparked this heated Twitter thread.
  • Kickoff time for NMSU vs Georgia Southern has been set.