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Georgia Southern moves to 0-6 after getting drubbed by UMass

Tyson Summers’ destruction of the Eagles’ football program is complete.

Georgia Southern v Massachusetts Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Well, we’re officially halfway to an 0-12 season.

Georgia Southern turned in its worst half of football in school history at Amherst yesterday, allowing UMass to complete deep passes at will, and making the Minutemen look more like the New England Patriots.

UMass had collected 48 points (!!) before halftime (!!!!) as Tyson Summers did approximately nothing to adjust or stop the scoring barrage.

As was the case against New Mexico State a week ago, the Eagles were allowing free running wideouts to do whatever they wanted.

Streak routes, drags, hell, even quarterback sweep plays went completely unnoticed by Southern’s defense.

The Minutemen rolled up nearly 700 yards of total offense and took its foot off the gas pedal in the second half while the Eagles struggled to do basic things like not run straight into the arms of would-be tacklers.

Eagle fans knew exactly what was coming when Georgia Southern completed a long pass on the very first play that would have gone for a touchdown if receiver Mark Michaud hadn’t fumbled the ball away and did his part to get the blowout rolling along.

Neither quarterback in Kado Brown or LaBaron Anthony were particularly effective as Southern failed to move the ball at all and the team scored just 3 points in the second half against a team completely on autopilot and not wanting to screw up its first win of the year.

I don’t really know what there is to say at this point. The offense and defense are on a never ending see-saw of being the worst performing football unit these eyes have ever seen, and if Tom Kleinlein’s predictable lack of response following this one is to be believed, the athletic department is fine with what this team has devolved into.

I think the only thing Southern fans are disillusioned by is how hard it actually is to become the athletic director or head coach of an FBS program.

Literally anyone can do it at this rate.