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5 Things To Do Until Next Football Season

Don’t know what to do with yourself now that college football is officially over? We’ll give you some ideas.

Notre Dame fan Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

1. Watch NFL

Even though pro football is wrapping up you can still indulge in the playoffs and Super Bowl. It’s not college ball, but beggars can’t be choosers.

2. Go On Vacation

Shake off the stress and desperation that college football season may have caused you. If you’re stuck in below freezing temperatures what better time to forget about your post-football depression? Mexico is calling and you should answer.

3. Practice Drinking Games

Another helpful trick to help you forget about your dumpster fire of a season. Plus your team doesn’t take a break so why should you? Make sure you can outdrink all of your friends on the first kickoff of 2017 by building up your tolerance now.

4. Online Shopping

Stock up on game day gear and tailgating essentials now. Just because we’re the Underdogs doesn’t mean we can’t party like the big leagues! We’ve seen pics from the Army vs Navy tailgate and y’all are crazy.

5. Take a “Personal” Day

If all else fails call in sick to work and tell them you’re suffering from “post-football depression.” Mope around the house in your favorite hoodie until symptoms wear off. Make a countdown and watch game reruns, after all gameday is only seven months away!