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Georgia Southern Fans Aren’t Feeling The Team’s New Mascot

Eagles win big opening night, but all is not well in Statesboro.

The Georgia Southern Eagles rotate two quarterbacks and it’s not a problem. The tradition-laden program debuted alternate uniforms last night and it was all good.

But a change at mascot? That’s another story.

In what may be the most controversial mascot decision since the days of Admiral Ackbar at Ole Miss, Georgia Southern’s “Gus” got a makeover.

The Internet was not amused.

You can clearly see the changes above. The buggier eyes, smaller beak, thicker brows, slightly square-ish head. It was too much. #BringBackGus was off and running not long after the opening night win over Savannah State was over.

That is so wrong on so many levels.

Billy Anderson/Facebook

The firestorm was such that GS Athletic Director Tom Kleinlein had to issue a clarification: He was not behind the change.

Who is behind the mascot change? I don’t know, but it’s gonna get ugly if this Internet mob finds out.

It’s unknown when or if we’ll ever see the “old” Gus again. For now, we have to settle for this touching tribute from WJCL’s Frank Sulkowski.

Until we meet again.