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South Alabama defeats Mississippi State on missed field goal

The first half was all Bulldogs. The second half was all Jaguars. Get that celebration in before somebody cuts your program.

NCAA Football: South Alabama at Mississippi State
South Alabama Jaguars defensive end Jaylan Daniels (4) celebrates after today’s 21-20 victory in Starkville.
Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like we picked the wrong week to quit smokin’.

After Appalachian State’s close game on Thursday, and Houston’s awe-inspiring performance today, the lesson for the Power Five teams is clear— do not sleep on your Group of Five opponent, and ESPECIALLY do not sleep on your #FunBelt opponent.

Unranked Mississippi State rolled out to an early lead against the relative upstart Jaguars, scoring once in the first quarter and twice in the 2nd, to take a 17-0 lead into the half. That’s game, right? Surely if we just change the channel or look in another browser tab, we can check the cricket scores....

With 10:13 left in the 3rd quarter, South Alabama’s awesomely named Dallas Davis connected with Josh Magee for a 20-yard touchdown pass, capping an 8-play, 75-yard drive down the field.

If you’re an MSU fan, you’re not worried at this point, as this was an impressive catch into double-coverage, but it’s JUST a Sun Belt team, so...

The Bulldogs responded with a field goal a mere four minutes of game-time later, and they would not score again. Two more touchdowns in the fourth quarter put USA up 21-20 headed into the closing minutes, and even at this point, Bulldog fans were not worried.

MSU lined up for a field goal with 0:06 left on the clock....

Victory in regulation, 21-20, South Alabama.