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FIU Does The Wrong Thing And Fires Ron Turner

FIU’s announcement of Turner’s dismissal could not have come at a worse time.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Florida International Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

After three plus seasons as FIU head coach, Ron Turner was fired today. The announcement of Turner’s dismissal is shocking. Not because Turner was some great head coach, after all he only went 10-30 in the most football rich region in America.

But because FIU, always in the shadow of Miami’s other sports teams, tried to steal headlines while the city is mourning.

Earlier today, one of baseball’s youngest stars Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez was pronounced dead after a boating accident early this morning in Florida. The city of Miami has been in a state of grief and shock all day since the news hit the wire.

The Miami Marlins announced today’s game against the Atlanta Braves would be cancelled. Miami’s sports teams decided today that would given their condolences to the Fernandez family and Marlins organization.

Rather than grieve with the city, FIU decided that this was their moment to shine and steal some headlines and the decision was an incompetent one filled with callous, insensitivity, and desperation.

Pete Garcia’s decision to fire Ron Turner today was a calculated move and it showed just how out of touch FIU administration is with the Miami community.

Since Pete Garcia has been the AD FIU has been a laughing stock on the field and off the field with countless blunders. You can always count on FIU administration to do the wrong thing and today they did it again.