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Houston’s “kick six” has been immortalized in a shirt

It’s the defining moment of the season so far...

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The 109-yard touchdown return after an Oklahoma missed field goal in week one will surely be blazed into the memory of every Houston fan who saw it — and into the memory of Oklahoma fan who watched in horror and likely screamed “No! No! No!” as it happened.

It has been one of the defining moments of the young 2016 season but will surely remain as one of the most replayed highlights of the year long after the national championship has been decided. It’s almost guaranteed to be an ESPY nominee.

To give Houston fans a fun and somewhat subtle way to commemorate the moment — and talk a little smack — Breaking T’s has created this shirt that traces the path of the run from the back of end zone, down the sideline where a player was hurdled, to Oklahoma’s end zone for the TD.

You can grab this baby right here. If you’re driving through Oklahoma, or walking around Norman, it will make a particularly good attention getter.