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Louisville schools Charlotte 70-14

Charlotte gave it their all. An expected result in their first game, but it’s gonna be a long season.

NCAA Football: Charlotte at Louisville
Louisville crushed Charlotte on Saturday, but their spirit remains strong.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

19th ranked Louisville did not have a perfect game Thursday night.

The Cards lost two fumbles, and threw an interception. They committed ten penalties for 49 yards and ran the ball only 35 times to Charlotte’s 31. Time of possession was dead-even, 30:06 to 29:54.

Louisville won by 56 points.

On the 49ers side of the ball, the turnovers were fairly impressive, considering, but the 1.5 yards gained per run were not. They averaged five yards per pass, which is good when you’re playing Louisville, but QB Kevin Olsen was 16/29, good for a 55.4% completion percentage, which is less good. The 49ers scored two touchdowns but only one came from the offense. Quarterback Kevin Olsen found receiver Austin Duke in the back of the end zone for six. Charlotte wouldn’t score again until near the end of the fourth quarter when defensive back Anthony Covington recovered a muffed punt for a touchdown.

It was nice to see Charlotte back on the field albeit as their growing pains continue. The final score was more or less what one could have guessed (the 49ers were 39 point underdogs heading into the game), and next week sees them back in action against FCS squad Elon College.

We expect they’ll take the lessons they learned (and the lumps) and apply it next week when we can truly see how far this Charlotte squad has come since last year.

For this week, hey, they put up 14 points against Louisville.