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FAU gets blown out by Kansas State 63-7

It was a horrible performance from start to finish by FAU.

NCAA Football: Florida Atlantic at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Where should I begin with this poor performance?

The offense was horrible. 311 total yards. The defense got pushed around all game. 495 total yards allowed. The team was undisciplined. Ten penalties for 93 yards. The coaching staff, was well, out-coached, and the scoreboard reflected it.

63-7. The worst loss in school history.

FAU’s offense played poorly from start to finish. Kalib Woods was the only standout as he had his second straight game in which he led the Owls in receiving yards. Today he finished with seven catches for 82 yards.

Jason Driskel played his worst game of the season, throwing for 125 yards and two interceptions. I was behind the coaching staff’s decision for starting him, but I’ve seen enough.

I want to see Daniel Parr start against Ball State.

The defense has been the strongest unit this season but after a valiant performance against Miami, they never stood a chance today.

Kansas State’s first four drives resulted in touchdowns. The rushing defense was horrible as they allowed 6.2 yards per carry for 336 yards.

The pass defense is still solid, and we know Trey Hendrickson can rush the passer, but none of that matters if FAU can’t stop the run.

I know Kansas State is a well regarded P5 team, but FAU has no business being outclassed to this extent, three years in the Charlie Partridge era.

Maybe I’m being blinded by the fact that UTSA in Frank Wilson’s first year nearly pulled off an incredible upset against Arizona State, but we have yet to see any tangible evidence on the field that FAU is heading in the right direction.

I don’t want to hear any more talks of a bowl game, or any excuses of how young this team is. I just want to see progress.

Next week FAU will host Ball State in a game in which tangible progress on the field should be displayed before FAU starts conference play.