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Georgia State nearly upsets 9th ranked Wisconsin

The Panthers were a score away from upending the 9th ranked team in the country.

Georgia State v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Coming into this weeks game vs 9th ranked Wisconsin, no one gave Georgia State a shot at winning, myself included. The Panthers have under performed in their first two games of the season leaving their fan base with little hope.

Then it happened.

The Panthers team that we were all waiting to see finally showed up. Georgia State’s offense, lead by Conner Manning, was able to move the ball effectively. Manning performed well going 20/29 for 269 yards and one touchdown. The Panthers didn’t necessarily run the ball well, however the effort was visibly better upfront.

The biggest change in Georgia State this week came on defense. Jesse Minter had his group ready to go today. The Panthers held Wisconsin to 187 yards on the ground. That is a significant improvement considering they came into the game giving up 394 ypg on the ground.

I am happy with the way Georgia State fought today but it cannot be a one time thing. The Panthers must play with that level of focus and intensity each and every week here-on-out. I think Conner Manning solidified his job this week. I look forward to seeing how he improves throughout the season.

Coming into the bye week, Georgia State will get some much needed rest before their Sun Belt opener vs App State.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!