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La Tech vs Texas Tech: Q&A with Viva The Matadors

Hunter Cooke gives us the Texas Tech perspective

NCAA Football: Stephen F. Austin at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Hunter Cooke from Viva The Matadors took some time to answer a few questions about the upcoming game between Louisiana Tech and Texas Tech.

1. How do the Texas Tech fans feel about this game and their opponent?

Man, I really think we’re all down in the dumps. We were assured that our defense was better, we saw some tangible evidence of improvement against SFA, and then it all went out the window. Missed reads, missed tackles, all the bad stuff from the past three years came back all of a sudden.

As for La Tech, I think Texas Tech fans expect a win, but would not be surprised if anything happens.

2. We all know about Patrick Mahomes. Who else should we keep an eye on from the Red Raiders?

I’m a really huge fan of Ian Sadler and Jonathan Giles, Texas Tech’s slot wide receivers. They’ve been making big plays this year and they’re normally very solid blockers.

3. Texas Tech is known for a strong offense, but they have struggled on defense. What should we expect from the defense in this game?

I have no earthly clue. Stud LB D’Vonta Hinton might still be out with an ankle injury, and that forces our hand completely. We’re young for what seems like the zillionth time in a row on defense. It would be nice to see a complete 180 and have them be functional, but I’m not sure about that functionality when La Tech has wideouts like Trent Taylor waiting for us.

I expect us to have flashes of functionality, but still give up some big plays.

4. Do you think Texas Tech will make any changes from what we've seen weeks 1-2?

I really hope we do.

5. What is this I hear about fans throwing tortillas on the field?

Yes we do and it is awesome and a very #good tradition, despite what some in the fanbase or from the school itself may say.

6. Prediction/final score?

I think La Tech gives us a scare, but we still pull it out. There isn’t much in the world that can stop Mahomes from putting up 50. In our Film Room article today I said 48-31 Texas Tech, and I’ll stick with that prediction.