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CSU downs UTSA 23-14

Amidst rotating quarterbacks for both teams, Colorado State wins the trenches to take the game over UTSA.

The trenches. That’s what won this game for the Rams and lost this game for the Roadrunners.

UTSA allowed 200 yards rushing in the first half as quarterback Dalton Sturm and running back Jalen Rhodes made great plays to bring the score to 20-14 at halftime.

In the second half, UTSA’s defense tightened up but Colorado State’s defense bomb-rushed the Roadrunners and shut them out on the scoreboard.

The quarterback controversy continued on both sides of the ball as CSU traded out Faton Bauta for true freshman Collin Hill in the first half. Neither quarterback was superb as all of the Rams’ touchdowns came on the ground from running backs Dalyn Dawkins and Izzy Matthews.

Dawkins finished with 15 carries for 68 yards and Matthews had 12 carries for 49 yards, both averaging over four yards a carry.

On the other side of the ball, Dalton Sturm had a tremendous first half but was rotated out for Jared Johnson in the third quarter. Johnson started five for five but completely missed his target on a potential touchdown on third down. Both quarterbacks had good and bad moments, but neither could do anything about the backfield pressure. CSU racked up six sacks, four of which came from senior linebacker Kevin Davis.

With the six sacks, UTSA’s total rushing yards came out to -1 against Colorado State’s 220.

Sturm played well in the first half and delivered back-to-back strikes to Jarveon Williams and Brady Jones to score at the end of the second quarter. Jones played well as he caught three passes for 39 yards, all on critical plays.

UTSA’s offense had many opportunities to come back in the second half but was unable to make much of anything happen due to the backfield pressure. Colorado State was able to hold the lead without much issue.

The most significant missed opportunity for UTSA came from safety Jordan Moore, who dropped a potential pick-six about midway through the fourth quarter. The touchdown would have given the Roadrunners a one-point lead.

A high-energy first half from both teams, but rather poor offensive play through the second. Both teams now sit at 1-1 going into the third contest of the season.

UTSA’s offensive line appears to be worse than anyone could have imagined. Rotating quarterbacks doesn’t seem to be a good option for the Roadrunners’ attack.

Colorado State has an extremely tough running core with Dawkins and Matthews in the backfield, but they don’t appear to have much of an answer for their quarterback situation either.

Both teams have many holes to worry about as the season is just starting, but CSU gives a proper beginning to Hughes Stadium’s farewell tour.