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Meet Your New Site Manager

Get to know your new site manager, Kayla Chance before the season gets underway.

Hi Underdogs,

My name is Kayla Chance and I am so excited to join the Underdog Dynasty team as managing editor. While I didn't attend a UDD school, I am passionate about college football all the same. My experience is a little unique in that I attended three schools: Arizona State University, Chico State, and the University of Alabama. People always ask which one I claim during football season and my answer is always ASU and Alabama because they are in different conferences!

Besides watching football on Saturdays I also enjoy traveling, photography, and hockey. Last season I was in the in-game host for the LA Kings affiliate team, the Ontario Reign. I had an amazing time getting to know the fans and reporting on the game via social media.

This football season I look forward to covering the Sun Belt and learning a little more about some of the schools that make up UDD. But enough about me, because this site is really about you! Let me know in the comments section about the stories you want to read more of. In-depth game analysis? Interest stories on your favorite player? You want it, we'll cover it.

Get ready Underdog Dynasty because kickoff is coming!