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With New Video Board Brag, UCF Trots Out Remarkably Obscure Statistic

You will not believe our ratio of video board size to stadium seating capacity!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I love the Knights. And I love the efforts made this off season to build fan excitement following a dreadfully dull and winless 2015 campaign.

And I love UCF's command of obscure and silly statistics.

In that vein, here is UCF Athletic Director Danny White dropping what can only be described as an exceedingly specific UCF factoid:

That . . . that's some statistic. It's the best possible gloss for ‘our stadium is modest but the new video board is a pretty good size, actually.' Not that I'm complaining, odd stat notwithstanding. The new LED display clocks in at 4,104 square feet, an impressive 640% improvement over the current video display.

But why stop at second highest ration of video board size to seating capacity? Let me humbly submit the following alternatives for the edification of my fellow Knights fans:

24.429 square feet of LED display for each 1,500 watt metal halide lighting fixture in the stadium!

4.434 square feet of LED display for each linear foot of ornamental fencing and gates surrounding the stadium!

And of course, 0.0928 square feet of LED display for each seat in the stadium![1]

A glorious factoid, to be sure. But only time will tell whether UCF has truly found a worthy successor to such gems as "#1 Video Game School in North America," and "More National Merit Scholars than the University of Texas."

[1] All of these statistics are accurate.