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Odds to win Conference USA have been released and there's a surprise favorite

Western Kentucky won the CUSA Championship last year but Vegas sees the public going in a different direction this upcoming season.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

We have entered the final phase of the offseason as over/under win totals for CUSA have been announced and now Conference USA Championship odds have been released. Bovada has gone against the grain as they have Southern Miss as the favorite to win their sixth CUSA Championship.

Its an interesting selection as many see last year's CUSA Championship winner Western Kentucky as the favorite to start the season. There's no question that there would be a ton of money on Southern Miss to win the conference had Todd Monken stayed in Hattiesburg, but without seeing Jay Hopson coach a game for the Golden Eagles I find it hard for Vegas to make the conclusion that they will see a lot of action on the Golden Eagles to win the whole thing.

Then again, they are in CUSA West and there is no team in that division that is as talented as Southern Miss as it would be a complete shocker to see anyone else winning CUSA West so perhaps that is their reasoning. Another interesting find is that WKU is not second, but third behind Marshall at 7/2 (+350).

That's some pretty good value for a team who has the best head coach in the conference. Despite still not knowing who will take over for Brandon Doughty at quarterback I'd take those odds in a heartbeat.

What odds peaked your interest? Lets us know in the comments section!