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A sneak peek at the new New Mexico State uniforms

A little tease of their new uniforms with UnderArmour gives us a glimpse of what could be coming for the Aggies in 2016

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

So let's start off by keeping it simple. This popped up on my Twitter feed today:

Here you have a likely teaser of the upcoming uniforms for the Aggies in the 2016 football season. My initial gut reaction was "meh" but I perhaps beg to differ after glimpsing back at what they had been wearing with Adidas.

The photo at the top of the article is the white-on-red combo that the Aggies wore the most since their last redesign by Adidas four years ago, and there was also (obviously) a white-on-white and red-on-red option. Plus, just last season we saw the birth of their "black for black's sake" version with chain-link fence on the shoulders (or something).

Suffice it to say, Oregon-ish black version aside, these uniforms were decidedly vanilla. Lots of blank space, a very weird number font, an awkwardly big Adidas logo on the collar -y'know, everything Adidas did well. So taking that into consideration, I'll definitely upgrade my initial assessment.

It looks like there may have been a slight redesign of the facemasks, but the helmet otherwise remains untouched. The jersey, at least this maroon version, provides a significant increase in contrast over the previous white-on-red and red-on-white options, with the fancy black-on-red-with-white-outline at work here. There's also an increased contrast in the two-tone collar and the white and black shoulder coloring.

I'm still a long ways off from a judgement, as you've got at least one more jersey, two pairs of pants, gloves, socks and cleats (at minimum) to factor into the assessment. I'm a bit skeptical of exactly how this will look in action on the field, but at the very least it is a significantly different departure from recent past, which is most certainly a postive for New Mexico State.