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Sorry East Carolina, The Big 12 Isn't Happening For You, So Stop This Publicity Stunt

The Pirates from the East Coast of North Carolina need to stop trying to get in the conference mainly composed of teams over a thousand miles away.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

In the world of college realignment, all the great moves of recent times have taken place behind closed doors, one step ahead of a ravenous media, having secret medias at undisclosed locations and acting like conference movement is akin to spying on another country.

Then you've got East Carolina, who is basically akin to Sterling Archer.

Only without the charm.

Once the Big 12 decided to expand, ECU AD Jeff Compher released a public statement to a question no one asked.

And then on Monday, the publicity stunt got even more outrageous.

This is like the shameless guy at the bar going up to the pretty lady and saying she should move I and U closer together in the alphabet.

Compher has sure tried to bring ECU onto a higher level in recent times, most notably with his ill-received firing of Ruffin McNeill which included Compher leaving a players-only meeting when they critiqued him about telling the team via text message.

This is now the same man trying to bring the letters E-C-U and B-I-G-X-I-I closer together in the alphabet.

Jeff. Just stop.