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Idaho released new uniforms and they're... interesting?

MATTE SILVER ISN'T A THING, IDAHO. The gold helmet looks good though.

Idaho Athletics

On Monday, the University of Idaho released some minor changes to their uniforms, including two new helmets and an additional alternate kit.

It had been several months in the making and "team liaisons" Matt Linehan and Tueni Lupeamanu helped to debut and create the new uniforms, which are defined as "clean and understated" in the team's official release.

Here is the full uniform reveal video:

Just take a second and breathe. Watch the video again. Then, react appropriately and come back for some insta-analysis.

Anyway, the addition of the silver helmet, jersey and pant gives Idaho 18 possible combinations between the grey kit, the black kit, and the white/gold kits that they currently wear.

A noticeable difference between the old kit and the new kit can be found in the pants. The new gold pant has no logo markings or stripes, while the new grey pant says "Vandals" in gold down the side.

Here are some photos from Idaho Athletic's Facebook:

Idaho Uniform 1 Idaho Athletics

New gold helmet/new grey top/new gold pants

Idaho Uniform 2 Idaho Athletics

New grey helmet/old white jersey/new grey pants

Idaho Uniform 3 Idaho Athletics

New grey helmet/old black uniform/old black pants

The golden helmet with silver script that reads "Vandals" is a welcome addition that lends some spark to the old uniform kits, which scream for it.

The new gold pant lends a bit of a classic look to the uniform kit, and although it doesn't add anything, it certainly doesn't look bad at all in any combination it is included in.

But ultimately, the main attraction in this uniform reveal is what Idaho describes as "matte silver" jerseys, pants and helmets.

Two observations:

1) there's no such thing as "matte silver." Matte is flat. Siver is metallic. This is grey.

2) what the hell, Idaho? Grey isn't even a school color.

Here's the full "matte silver combo" for your judgement:

Idaho Uniform 4 Idaho Athletics

[insert Idaho is boring joke of your choice here]

For me, the full grey kit screams underwhelming and create-a-team template #4 in an old NCAA game, with the notorious "team name down the side" trope that Bowling Green, Tulsa and other Nike schools have added to their uniforms in recent years.

Also to be noted: the fontset for the new grey kit do not match the old kits, which is an insanely strange oversight.

The idea is certainly one that I admire going after, but it would have been better served in my opinion to find a way to incorporate the silver into the old template for maximum flash.

It'll be interesting to see how they look on the field and how they are received on social media; thus far, the results are favorable, but that could always change in a moment.