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Breaking down the best head coaching jobs in CUSA into tiers

The rankings are done! Time to reveal how these jobs stack up among each other by showcasing the four tiers I determined when evaluating each job.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Where do I sign

1. Marshall

2. Southern Miss

3. La Tech

These three jobs are easily the best in the conference as they all have the ability to be a consistent power in Conference USA without too much work needed to be down. The resources are already in place for you to succeed. Any first-time head coach would accept these positions.

Show me the money

4. ODU

5. FAU

6. UNT


These jobs are where the candidate needs to see how much money the school is willing to spend to see if they are serious about becoming good. If the money is there, they should get their guy more times than not.

You could re-arrange any of these four and not be wrong as there isn't much separation between them. FAU and North Texas haven't done anything of note since being in the Sun Belt but have show proof of being able to take advantage of the resources around them which is why ranked them ahead of UTSA.

Old Dominion has just as good of a recruiting footprint with more money and better fan support than all of them despite not being in the FBS ranks for too long so I ranked them the best of the four.

I'm listening

8. WKU


10. UAB

11. FIU

12. MTSU

If a coach is contacted by any of the jobs in this group they should keep an open mind but hold out for something better as these are much tougher jobs than the ones above them.

Originally I ranked UTEP ahead of WKU but the more I thought about it the more UTEP's location seemed to be more of a detriment than a positive. El Paso is crazy far man.

WKU fans have complained about their ranking and rightfully so due to a string of successful seasons but they have been the biggest overachievers in CUSA since joining from the Sun Belt. If all of the jobs in CUSA opened up today I don't see how you could reasonably choose this position over any of the Texas schools, Old Dominion, or FAU.

FIU has the biggest potential in this paring to make a leap to being the best job in CUSA period, but its hard to make that jump when no one cares about the state of the football program.

Straight to voicemail

13. Charlotte

14. Rice

As of now Charlotte is a job that is difficult due to the transition to the FBS level. Rice however, will always be a difficult job. If any of these positions come calling a coach should send their calls straight to voicemail and wait for other positions to open.