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Reaction to the worst G5 conference poll results

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, myself and the staff had a roundtable about the best and worst G5 conferences. Since there was a ton of debate among the writers about which G5 conference is the worst, we wanted your opinion on which conference plays the worst football.

You voted and made your point loud and clear.

According to the poll CUSA is the worst G5 conference and its not even close. Its not surprising to see CUSA atop the list but what did surprise me was how large the gap was in comparison to the Sun Belt and MAC.

I put the Mountain West Conference just to see who would be foolish enough to think they are the worst G5 conference and eleven of you did. Those eleven folks have some explaining to do.

My vote went to the MAC largely because I don't feel like their bottom tier teams are as talented as CUSA or Sun Belt's bottom tier teams. But I understand that it's hard to make that argument when looking at Charlotte, North Texas, and what will pretty much be a new program in UAB.

More than anything its obvious that #Funbelt football has made obvious gains in the G5 ranks as the inclusions of Appalachian State and Georgia Southern have been home runs for the Sun Belt Conference.

With those two programs coupled with the steadiness that's been displayed at Arkansas State, the Sun Belt is no longer a forgone conclusion of being the worst conference. For now, that distinction belongs to CUSA.