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Coach Blake Anderson hosted a pretty sick Pool Party this Saturday

Sorry, Toledo Rockets. Nobody is thinking about beating you right now.

Red Wolves are flipping out this summer
Red Wolves are flipping out this summer

The Red Wolves open the season in Jonesboro against the Toledo Rockets on September 2. But nothing could be farther from Coach Blake Anderson and Pals this Saturday. Instead, 2nd-year running back Warren Wand decided to show of some dope hoops skills.

That was pretty cool, Warren, but not as fly as this sweet ass flip!

Texas transfer Kendall Sanders used the downtime to get jiggy wit it. (People still get jiggy wit it, right? Please?)

With another month left before Fall camp opens, its nice to see Wolves keeping loose and chilling out with each other. And Anderson looks like a pretty cool host. Seems like a guy who'd keep the Yeti full of ice cold soda pop and the juke box thumping with 38 Special!