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Old Dominion to Stay at Foreman Field, Renovation to be Done by 2019

Monarchs ditch new stadium plans, will rebuild S.B. Ballard Stadium to accommodate future growth to 30,000-plus.

After months of consulting, surveys and re-working plans, Old Dominion has nailed down the future of their football home.

The Monarch will remain in Foreman Field at S.B. Ballard Stadium instead of moving to a brand new venue, as had been proposed. Despite not having a timeline according to the official press release,

The Pilot reports that the stadium will be virtually demolished and rebuilt after the 2018 season and Phase I will be done by kickoff 2019.There is no timetable for Phase II, but the hopes is that ticket demand will help drive it forward.

Amazingly, this $55-million rebuild won't take a cent of student fees to do.

Old Dominion has a glut of ACC opponents visiting the 757 in coming years with Virginia Tech coming in 2018, 2022 and 2024, plus Virginia and Wake Forest in 2020. NC State beat the Monarchs 31-14 in Norfolk in 2015.

According to Old Dominion's PDF on the rebuild, here's what the stadium looks like currently.

Foreman Field present

And here's Phase I completed with the original stands torn down and new stands where fans can enter from the top of the stands and have better access to concessions and bathrooms.

Foreman Field Phase I

And here's the completed project with the fan endzone completely revamped and enclosed with a ribbon board on top, a second deck on the near side and a giant videoboard on the near side.

Foreman Field Final

As you can see, the "Oyster Shape" of the original bowl, which has been a staple of the facility since its opening in 1936, will be done away with, mainly to build stands that can be built upon in the future. A lot of modern facilities like Charlotte's Jerry Richardson Stadium and Georgia Southern's Paulson Stadium were originally built with future expansion in mind.

ODU Athletics Director Wood Selig says this will make the home of Monarchs' Football the nicest facility in all Conference USA. While that claim can and probably will be disputed by other fans, ODU is certainly trying to do good for the future, whatever that may hold.