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Erase This Video: Louisiana Tech Butchers Running Man

Amazingly enough, someone thought this was a good idea.

In case you're not plugged into the Latest Internet Trendsthe Running Man Challenge is the latest viral dance craze. A couple of Maryland Terrapins basketball players started the trend, and there are now plenty of examples of how to do it right.

Full disclosure: I'm a white man who couldn't dance if you put a gun to my head and told me to do the Harlem Shake. I'd just straight up take the L and tell Peter at the pearly gates that I sacrificed my life so that your eyeballs may live, and he'd probably nod sympathetically before pulling the trapdoor handle.

In other words, sometimes there are just certain situations where you just shouldn't try to emulate something, at least not in public. Apparently that lesson was lost on the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs admissions department, who somehow thought that The Youths of Today--or at least their parents--would somehow find their attempt at Running Man hip, cute, amusing, or all of the above.

As is always the case whenever low level administrator/admissions/orientation types with good intentions try to do something cool, the video jumps a lake of full of sharks within the first five seconds.


Is this a tap dance? People actually trying to run? People trying to ski? People flinging their arms and legs in random directions while trying not to fall off a fountain? Because this sure as hell is not Running Man.

Don't get me wrong, Louisiana Tech is far from the only offender in this arena. Texas students created their own version that was also not good. But something else. Amazingly enough, the video is still up despite it being almost a week for the mockery to roll in.

Reactions were swift and ruthless, as you'd expect.

Alright Louisiana Tech. Just a quick tip. If you get compared to Hillary Clinton trying to dance, just go ahead, pack it up, and learn from this. Don't try to argue that you were just trying to do something cute and fun for the kids. Just learn your lesson, which is to NEVER EVER DO THIS AGAIN.