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UCF's New Football Uniforms: Too Great to Be Done Talking About Them

In which we dwell more on UCF football's new uniforms, praise sword mohawks, and wish for faux retro Citronaut gear.

UCF Athletics Communications

Knights fans:

We need to talk more about UCF's new uniforms.

Yes, I know we already talked a bit about them when the designs were first released. But I'm not done. They're too great for me to be done. And I really like this modernizing trend they're a part of.

Did you see the design inspiration board for this stuff? It is ridiculously cool in its own right. Go and look at it. Seriously. I'll wait.

It's Game of Thrones-y in all the right ways, with an awesome knight dude who should totally replace train-face Knightro (if only that would happen). And sleek aerospace designs. And what may or may not be a subtle homage to Vinny the Vulture, the highly unofficial mascot during 1970 (hard to tell, but I'm saying that bird is BALD and looks more vulture than raven).

But these uniforms. There's much to love here. This "anthracite/white/black/pewter" palette is tremendous. And it's also got the benefit of minimizing the washed out yellow "gold" we've been saddled with for a while:

The details here are great. The sleeves feature UCF's Pegasus logo, looping UCF's academic symbol into athletics uniform design for what is (I believe) the first time ever. And the helmets have a sword mohawk on them. A SWORD MOHAWK. Nine-year-old me is jumping up and down with glee somewhere.

The inside neckline will read "Rise & Conquer" which is -€” in my view at least -€” a far better slogan than "#ChargeOn." And of course, names return to the back of jerseys for the first time since 2004, when George O'Leary had them pulled.

Great as these changes are, I can't help but wish list. I'm dying to see one-off versions of:

1.      Faux-retro Citronaut era uniform and helmet. Baseball sort of did this back in 2014. But I'd love to see football get an even more thorough Citronaut treatment.

2.      A "modern" Citronaut uniform. Give me alternate reality threads, as though UCF had never changed to the Knights.

Seriously UCF. Seriously Nike. Make it happen.